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Increase Communication Effectiveness

Discretionary effort leadership requires communication expertise. The presentation, Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision, teaches the nuances of improving communication by seeing the other person’s world from their viewing point using the DISC model.

Can you imagine how enlightening it would be to take off your glasses and put on someone else’s to see the world as they see it? That would not work as glasses are highly individualized. However, the clearer we can see and understand the mindset, opinions and emotions of the people we interact with daily on a daily basis, the greater influence we will have with them and the easier it will be to impact their behavior.

How you approach people and customize your conversations with them is the secret to getting everyone rowing together and moving in the same direction to reach common goals.

The above graphic by Dave Clark of TTI, gives us 5 points to consider as we improve our communication with others. Let me add the DISC model overlay.


  1. Learn to Listen.Supportive and Steady Green Oak Tree personalities have a natural ability to stop what they are doing and listen. Dominant or Fiery Red personalities may keep working while they listen. Influencers or Yellow Sunshine I personalities at some point may interrupt; and Conscientious or Blue Water C personalities will listen but their minds may continue to think through the problems they are trying to solve at that moment.
  1. Social Media Posts.The  Influencers or Yellow Sunshine I people will probably have the most social media posts but most people have at least a Facebook page where they post personal pictures and friend or family events. When you are seeking to impact another’s behavior, check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms you know they use. Observing what they have posted gives you ideas for opening conversations or more interesting superficial chit chat with them as you reference positive events they have posted.
  1. Know Your Audience.In addition to social media posts, know their behavioral style, driving forces, and EQ level. When you know these personal factors of the person you are working to influence, your mission becomes much easier. For instance, if you know the person has Blue Water C tendencies, prepare a convincing case in advance. When interfacing with a Fiery Red D person, prepare a bulleted list of the most important points that can be delivered in minimal time. The Green Oak Tree S person requires a depth of information, permitting them to methodically come to the same conclusion you have reached. When working with a Yellow Sunshine person, include written information for them to examine later, enabling them to remember your discussion.
  1. Understand the Need. This point means that you cannot influence anyone to your point of view if you are not clear on what you want from the discussion or what you want them to do. This requires you to be one-step ahead of them, especially when delegating or moving them toward goals and objectives. I recommend delegating to the Blue Water person first. They intuitively ask clarifying questions which will tell you if your instructions are muddled. The Fiery Red D requires a minimum of instructions but may follow his own path to the goal. Yellow Sunshine I’s will need reminders and Green Oak Tree D’s will move steadily forward toward the vision you have set.
  1. The Power of Non-Verbals. Put this somewhere safe where it can be easily accessed in your memory: your body does not lie.Whatever you are thinking or feeling about that person will come tumbling out of your body through your eyes, your smile, the tilt of your body. They will also perceive the truth of your words and know if your message and your true feelings are congruent. It is important to clear prejudices and negative emotions from your mind BEFORE you start conversations.

Increase communication with your team. Bring Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision to you next retreat, meeting or training. It comes with full DISC and Driving Forces assessment for each participant. 

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