What is The Gift?
Discretionary Effort from employees on a regular basis.
When implemented, Earn the Gift leadership training moves employees from minimal effort to amazing contributions.

… And those amazing contributions have significant economic benefits.

Elevate your managerial career with the Earn the Gift certificate and start a Discretionary Effort Engagement Initiative in your organization.
Attend the virtual training: 6 hours, 3 hours per week from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Eastern on October 1st and 8th.

Based on our new book, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, this leadership training program teaches five managerial levels that can be used to earn discretionary effort from employees on a regular basis. The five levels are outlined in the short 4-minute video on the home page entitled, Discretionary Effort Leadership: The Core Elements.

When the discretionary effort leadership five levels are implemented in your company and employees are moved from disengagement or minimal effort to an engaged employee giving amazing contributions on a regular basis, they become your competitive advantage, adding to the bottom line. Investing in the Discretionary Effort Leadership programs for your managers and joining the world-wide discretionary effort initiative is the best way to enhance your profits.

Discretionary Effort Leadership chronicles the new work order that is emerging based on a continuous change cycle in the nature of organizational life and the expectations of the workforce.

Revolutions in technology, growth in globalization, endless business mergers and unavoidable marketplace fragmentation have fundamentally changed the nature of organizations. Simultaneously, a workforce has emerged that is more educated, mobile, diverse and discerning in work and life choices than ever before.

Whatever was left of the old industrial age social contract between employer and employee has been torched by the recession and the race to information age profitability.

Technology, globalization, mergers & marketplace demands have changed how we work.

Let us help you get a handle on the 21st century workplace. Invest in the Earn the Gift training program.  Trust our over 50 years of business experience to change your culture.”

– Karla Brandau & Doug Ross 

Take Your Company into the Future – Live Training and Retreats

Written by Karla Brandau and Douglas Ross, How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort fundamental principles can be delivered in speeches and workshops at meetings, conferences, or retreats. The full program is delivered live on-site and can be licensed.

The interactive discretionary effort leadership workshops are crafted from core Discretionary Effort Leadership principles and teach participants how to practice of discretionary effort. Participants receive the Earn The Gift certificate of achievement.

Bring the Discretionary Effort Leadership program to your company enabling your leaders to participate in the world-wide discretionary effort initiative and Earn the Gift Certificate program.