Understanding Workplace Behaviors

Increasing self-awareness and other-awareness

There’s an old saying that goes “you can’t help others until you help yourself.” Understanding yourself first and foremost will help you maximize your potential, which you can then leverage to help others achieve theirs. Self-awareness is an important skill that is increased as you study your DISC and Driving Forces profiles.

Self-awareness is important to be successful in most walks of life, but especially a leadership position. When a person is self-aware, especially during times of stress, they can identify a potential problem, remind themselves to take a step back and diffuse a potential problematic situation. Assessments leading to self-awareness and other-awareness is a major component in Discretionary Effort Leadership  and in the professional development program, The Leadership of One. Those with high self-awareness tend to find greater success compared with those who do not possess this skill.

To help you gain self-awareness and other-awareness, a broad spectrum of assessments are available as we partner with variety of diagnostic companies. Our most popular partnership is with Target Training International (TTI).

I learned a lot about myself from the self-assessment. I have been more mindful of how I respond in various situation and how I interact with others. 
KayLynn Wight, Director, Business Architecture, Molina Healthcare

TTI Success Insights

As separate or stand-alone product, the TTI Success Insights Behaviors or DISC is very popular. It examines the behaviors you can observe of team members and uses the universal language of “how we act.” The assessment is effective at measuring each individuals strengths and limitations.

This report consists of one science: behaviors. The Talent Insights assessment is part of the combined Talent Insights and the TriMetrix® reports.

Individual Success Insights or DISC assessments are available for Executives, Management-Staff, Sales, and Customer Service personnel.

TTI Talent Insights

Each individual is a multi-dimensional creature with important traits stamped on them at conception. The DISC tells an important part of the story, but does not paint a complete picture as people with the same or similar behaviors will be driven into action by different hidden motivators.

When you include the Driving Forces with the DISC, you are able to see the whole package without the tunnel vision of looking through just one lens.

Looking at an individual from more than one perspective is absolutely vital to interpersonal team relationships and to motivating employees. Working with the combination of their DISC profile and their Driving Forces report gives you understanding of the WHY behind a person’s behavior and enables you to personalize your approach to them in your interactions, building loyalty and making you the leader people choose to follow.

The TTI Talent Insights assessment combines the two sciences of DISC or Behaviors and the Motivators or Driving Forces and gives you a thorough overview of the person and the keys to understanding their actions and reactions.

Each assessment comes with a graphical representation of their mix of DISC and Driving Forces as shown below:

TTI TriMetrix® DNA Assessment

TTI TriMetrix® DNA assessment is another popular instrument. Three sciences are combined in the assessment. The DISC or Behaviors, Motivators or Driving Forces and DNA or developed skills. It examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, PLUS the ability to demonstrate the competencies required by the job. It is the key that unlocks individual motivation. Understanding the WHY behind a person’s behavior enables you to personalize your approach to them in your interactions.  In addition, this report blends behaviors and motivators together in an integrated section that will help you blend the how and the why of a person’s actions. Three sciences are included in this report: behaviors, motivators and competencies.

The information enables you to customize your approach to motivating each employee and gives you information on their developed skills enabling you to place them on appropriate committees and make fitting assignments that capitalize on their strengths. You do not have to work from assumptions.

I liked this assessment. It was better than other assessments I have taken. It was the most extensive and complete and the best tool for understanding the whole self.

Executive/Management and Employee/Team Options

Both assessments, the Talent Insights and the TriMetrix® DNA have an executive/management option and an employee/team option. The information helps executives and senior-level managers have more impactful interactions with all employees and the employee/team assessments help team members work better together.

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DISC Presentation Titled “Seeing Others with 20/20 Vision”

Let us energize your next retreat or training meeting with the DISC and Driving Forces presentation. These are the comments after a recent presentation:

  • Brandau did a wonderful job presenting the information about the importance of knowing yourself, but she also drove home the importance of identifying the personality of others in order to help them to be successful.
  • Excellent activities.
  • Perfect!
  • Karla’s entire presentation was very insightful. She definitely needs to be a mainstay at future retreats.
  • Perfect start of enhancing leadership skills; is to first know where you are, your strength and weaknesses with room for growth.
  • Most insightful information I have received in a long time.
  • Very informative.

Expanded Offerings of Assessments

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