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It pays to clean out your files regularly. You can find jewels of information.

For instance I ran across this idea that stimulated my brain: Training upgrades your skills.

This thought was tucked away in my files in an article by Wayne Dahlke when he was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Georgia Power. He said:

“When an Olympic athlete wins a medal, then his career is either over or he has to go right back into training. We have to prove ourselves every day. To be successful, we have to enjoy the training, the process of learning and improving skills. We have to keep training, because there is always someone out there who wants to bear our record-or take our profitable business. Skills rapidly become obsolete in this environment. Those who stay on top keep learning new skills.”

Leadership skills have changed dramatically from the 20th century where the focus was on engagement. Twenty-first century leadership skills are focused on earning the gift of discretionary effort from employees.

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The Leadership of One is the online coaching and mentoring program that is a companion to the in-company program based on the book How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort by Karla Brandau and Douglas Ross.

Both books are geared to making you the manager people CHOOSE to follow, not HAVE to follow because of your place on the organizational chart. Your company is at risk of losing employees who HAVE to follow their manager. When they leave, they take with them their company knowledge, their creativity, and their intellectual property. Another manager will benefit from their expertise and character gifts.

Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute and Douglas Ross, CEO of Principle Dynamics, bring more than 50 years of collective experience in business management and team leadership to write the book, Discretionary Effort Leadership.

Their brand new program, Leadership of One, is a revolutionary approach to senior level management and soon to be senior level managers that empowers employees to bring their A-game every day.

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