Internalize the personal power of the Leadership of One and experience increased influence and clout.
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Create synergy and alignment that catalyzes work place collaboration
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Form a focused workforce by rationally aligning employees
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Drive value creation and high performance with the genius strategy of Gratitude
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Replace 20th century engagement strategies with the multiplier effect of discretionary effort
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Find your authentic self
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
Learn to leverage the innate talents and character gifts of employees
Join The World-Wide Discretionary Effort Leadership Initiative
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Discretionary Effort Leadership

Learn to harness the intellectual and emotional power of all employees by internalizing the discretionary effort leadership concepts and ideologies in a company-wide initiative that increases not only the discretionary effort given by employees but produces extremely high levels of innovation.

The Leadership of One

The level of discretionary effort received from employees on a daily basis is the distinguishing characteristic of a superior 21st century leader. Join an elite circle of leadership achievers by learning how to engage employees and motivate them to give the coveted gift of discretionary effort.

DISC Assessments and the Workplace

Understanding the innate gifts you bring to leadership and the character gifts employees can give the company is an amazing journey into social acceptance, collaboration, productivity, and achievement. Take a giant step toward increased understanding by signing up for a complimentary assessment and debrief today.


Discretionary Effort: The best gift you can receive from your team

So, what is Discretionary Effort Leadership, exactly?

Each day when an employee walks in the office door and starts work or begins work from a remote location, that employee makes a choice whether or not to give discretionary effort.

Discretionary effort is the difference between the level of effort, creativity and problem solving one is capable of bringing to a task versus the effort required to just get by or make do and still receive a paycheck.

We work with top level executives and managers to create an environment and culture where discretionary effort can flourish.

The discretionary effort culture is built by charismatic leaders who know how to build productive teams. Increasing charisma and building dynamic teams are the key skills our program enhances and refines.

Can you afford NOT to encourage Discretionary Effort?

The benefits of discretionary effort are an outgrowth of leaders focusing on the elements of the job that are important to their employees, and then learning how to tie these elements to achieving business goals and objectives.

The employee then becomes directly engaged in the success of the organization.

You can’t afford to ignore it.

Listen To Our Podcast

Doug and Karla have produced several podcasts to familiarize you with the world wide discretionary effort initiative. If your organization has great engagement programs, you will want to climb the next rung on the ladder to discretionary effort. Learn more by clicking below. If you right click and save as, you can save it to your device for listening later.

"Engagement is 20th Century, Discretionary Effort is 21st Century" (sample)

Join the Worldwide Discretionary Effort Initiative!

Discretionary Effort Leadership Program

A leadership certification opportunity.
Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute and Douglas Ross, CEO of Principle Dynamics, poured their 50+ years of collective experience in business into their new book on Discretionary Effort Leadership.

Charismatic Leadership: The Leadership of One Professional Development

Designed specially for leaders who are feeling unfulfilled, or like they are simply not getting the results they KNOW their team can deliver. The Leadership of One is a web-based coaching program – combining both small group and individual…