It is happening now and all around you.

New leaders are emerging.
Will you become a 21st century leader?

Accelerate your leadership career with  Charismatic Leadership: The Leadership of One executive coaching. You’ll become the leader people CHOOSE to follow,
not the manager they HAVE to follow because
of your position on the organizational chart.

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The 21st Century Leadership Personal Coaching Program

The Charismatic Leader: The Leadership of One executive coaching program is a professional development, companion program to the Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort On-site program or the Virtual program . Its focus is becoming a charismatic leader with increased impact and influence. It helps managers develop discretionary effort inside of themselves, enabling them to model it for their employees.

This is one of the questions asked in the coaching program, “Is your team ‘schoaling’ or swimming in synchronicity?” You will learn what a school of fish can teach you about the leadership of one.

The Leadership of One coaches you through management minefields to leadership success. 

Will you benefit from personal coaching? Ask yourself the questions below:

 Do you know your leadership strengths and weaknesses?

 Are your direct reports all working for the same objectives? 

  Can you take advantage of different perspectives?

 Can you inspire and motivate your direct reports?
 Are you good at facilitating collaboration?

Can you empower your employees to bring their A-game to work every day?

Organizations who invest in Charismatic Leadership coaching for their managers find that retention, productivity and morale all increase.

Coupled with the Earn the Gift Certificate, discretionary effort increases exponentially. A workplace is created where individuals want to work and where they give discretionary effort on a regular basis.

The Leadership of One is a novel and comprehensive approach to developing high-quality leadership skills. In this fast-developing and rapidly-changing business environment, such skills are absolutely essential to maintaining an edge over the competition. Ross and Brandau have tapped into the vast array of leadership characteristics to ferret out those qualities and techniques that best enable today/tomorrow’s business and professional leaders become successful. Leadership levers is an absolute “must” for anyone aspiring to provide high-quality leadership to his/her organization.

The 21st Century Charismatic Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Deliverables

Many management gurus have echoed the words, “Leading others starts with leading yourself.”  This program teaches you how to lead yourself.  During the course of this program, you will develop your charismatic leadership skills and improve workplace relationships.

The Leadership of One 6 coaching calls are completed over a 3-4 month period, paced for your convenience. It contains the following elements:


The principles, tips and techniques learned in Charismatic Leadership: The Leadership of One Executive coaching, will be the most valuable leadership training you have ever experienced. It will catapult you ahead of other managers and make you part of an elite circle of achievers. 

You get access to webinars, additional information, and 6 personal coaching calls all for $1,997.00. 

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Why Do You Need Personal Executive Coaching?

What do we do in personal coaching?

When you hire me as your personal charismatic leader coach, we evaluate your current leadership effectiveness and your leadership goals. You choose the direction of your professional executive development  and I support you as you move forward. 

Is personal coaching the same as training? 

No. A training workshop has a set agenda. You learn principles and engage in activities to reinforce concepts. In personal coaching, we discuss what is happening right now in your world and help you find a path forward. Personal coaching involves self-discovery. When appropriate, I share my  experience, knowledge and  resources to help you take fitting steps forward.

Is coaching done in person?

It can be but does require an additional investment of travel money. Using the phone or a program such as Zoom or SKYPE is extremely effective and popular. 

Am I showing weakness if I hire a coach? 

Absolutely not. Private coaching speeds up your learning. It is an intensive, experiential learning program. I’ll be your partner to help you skillfully navigate interpersonal relationships, communicate better, and build rapport with each direct report. I am your sounding board for ideas as leadership can be a lonely place. Look at it this way: do you think you are deficient because you need technical help with your smart phone? Personal coaching helps you become expert in  your chosen profession of leadership.

I’m buried with assignments. How can I fit coaching into my schedule? 

Coaching is done when you find windows of time in your personal schedule.  In reality, it is an accelerator of time usage. Why? Because I save you time thinking through dilemmas. I work to keep you focused.

I look forward to working with you to catapult into an elite circle of charismatic, leadership achievers. If you have questions, call me at 770-923-0883.

Is Karla the right coach for me?

Karla inspires and motivates you. She helps you:​

  • Have a “Can-do” Attitude 
  • Build rapport with each direct report 
  • Get known as a leader who gets things done 
  • Generate creative ideas to solve problems 
  • Tap the collective and collaborative intelligence of your people to drive the business

​Karla Brandau is a Registered Corporate Coach certified by the World Association of Business Coaches. 

Other certifications include:

  • Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Speaking Professional
  • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst
  • Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst

Companies that encourage individuals to sign up for the Charismatic Leadership executive coaching to implement the Leadership of One strategies experience exponential growth.
The employees they manage move past mere engagement and begin giving discretionary effort  on a regular basis. 

Only $1,997.00 for Assessments and 3-4 months of coaching calls. It includes the “Leadership of One” and “How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort” books plus access to enhanced material. 

Choosing personal coaching is a choice for improving your leadership and interpersonal relationship skills. Personal coaching gives you a trusted adviser to run the marathon of leadership with you.  

Remember, each coaching session of Charismatic Leadership: The Leadership of One pulls you into an elite circle of achievers. Don’t wait for the “right time”. The time is NOW.

By signing up for this program you are committing to being a charismatic leader who gets results and leads your team to unprecedented productivity.

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