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Discretionary Effort is an intriguing concept, a concept that the 21st century is ready for. If you are serious about advancing in your leadership career, if you are the executive in charge of your leadership team, or if you are an entrepreneur leading many employees, you will want to listen to every episode.

Better yet, download and listen to these episodes while you exercise or drive.


Discretionary Effort: A Deeper Dive

Get a description of discretionary effort you can implement in your work life to catapult your career and when implemented in your company will transform every employee into your competitive advantage.

Discretionary Effort Begins With You

You are the right person to begin the discretionary effort leadership initiative in your company. Gain insight on how to do that with this discussion. Have a pen and pad of paper handy to write down the action items and thoughts that come to your mind while you listen.

Discretionary Effort: Engagement is 20th Century, Discretionary Effort is 21 Century

Tune in and find out how you as a leadership team can move away from 20th Century engagement techniques and replace them with 21st Century discretionary effort leadership strategies. You’ll be amazed at the growth of your company, the improvement in morale, and the increased customer service satisfaction.

Discretionary Effort: a Security Guard’s Discovery

Personnel in organizations such as security guards, receptionists, and bellhops have an amazing power to affect productivity and whether or not employees choose to give discretionary effort on a daily basis. Find out the secret by tuning in to this episode on discretionary effort.