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Have you looked at your high school year book lately? If so, did you laugh at how old-fashioned you looked?

Nearly everything has an expiration date, especially prescriptions, fresh food and canned items sitting on your cupboard shelves. The other day I pulled a can out of the cupboard with an expiration date of 2011. That went in the trash.

Turning to obsolescence in our professional life, smart phones, computer operating systems and apps all too frequently need to be replaced by the newest release.

Unlike fashions and technology, increased knowledge doesn’t go out of style.

It can be refreshed and enhanced. Concept after concept builds and builds, making you more competent and confident.

Staying on top of your professional game by learning more about 21st century leadership styles keeps you in style no matter where you work or what company you join.

Increased knowledge opens new vistas and gives you more influence. Learning gives you a cutting edge even when your office layout becomes passe and your sales literature needs to be updated to fit a Twitter campaign.

The Leadership of One coaching and mentoring series starts again on September 12, 2017 and is designed to expand your leadership and management knowledge, giving you more impact in all of your interactions at work.

Based on the principles in their brand new book, The Leadership of ONE, this exclusive executive coaching & mentoring program will give your top team the essential skills to thrive, and to empower and elicit extra from your employees. Remember, the company with the most discretionary effort wins.

About the Authors

Karla Brandau, CEO of Workplace Power Institute and Douglas Ross, CEO of Principle Dynamics, bring more than 50 years of collective experience in business management and team leadership to write the book, Discretionary Effort Leadership.

Their brand new program, The Leadership of One, is a revolutionary approach to senior level management and soon to be senior level managers that empowers employees to bring their A-game every day.


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