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Thank you for purchasing How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort on Amazon in our pre-sale, eligible for the bonuses listed below. You are on the path to become the leader employees CHOOSE to follow. The touch points you make with employees will improve the employee experience and incentivize them to give discretionary effort on a daily basis.

The company with the most discretionary effort wins in the marketplace. Enter your coupon code below to access the downloads.

The Leadership of One — Digital Download

The Leadership of One provides extra insight into how to be the leader people choose to follow. Read this book and learn the secret to being the leader of ONE. If you are not the leader of one, you may be the leader of NONE.

The Discretionary Effort Leader Aura and Mystique

11 articles filled with tips and techniques to guide your leadership success.

The Discretionary Effort Leader: Confidence and Charisma

Watch this 45-minute webinar on how to project confidence and charisma in your interactions with others. Take notes. Make a goal for which charismatic characteristic you want to refine in the next month. Confidence and charisma are not just raw, innate talents. They can be developed and once you develop them, they travel with you everywhere you go in life.

The Discretionary Effort Leader: Confidence and Charisma

With your purchase of How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort, you are given $500.00 off The Leadership of One webinars. This program is 8 – twenty minute webinars of deep dive information on discretionary effort leadership and how to implement the concepts in interpersonal relationships.

Program begins May 8th. Webinars are recorded permitting you to watch at your convenience if you can’t watch live. The online course is completed on your time table.

Topics include:

• Defining The Leadership of One
• Discretionary Effort and Engagement
• The Authentic Leader
• Optimal Employee Work Experience
• Discover the Power of Hidden Character Gifts
• Apply the Critical Information in a DISC Personality Assessment
• Mine Renewable Employee Energy
• Increase Charisma, Influence and Impact in Interpersonal Relationships

Registration Investment: $997.00

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Your cost: $498.50

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