Estimate the Level of Disengagement of Your Employees

In the quest to help organizations increase productivity and the discretionary effort of employees, we offer this tool to help you evaluate the level of disengagement in  your workforce. 

We know that individuals are not computers that you can turn on and get a steady churn of information or robots you can program. Every human has minutes of unproductive time during the day. When this unproductive time becomes excessive, disengagement is probably the culprit. 

You observe disengagement in a variety of ways. Some disengagement shows up as extra long breaks or leaving early on a regular basis. Other disengagement actions include not contributing to a discussion, omitting to surface the truth when asked about a problem, or failing to give creative thought to a challenging situation. 

We have created this tool for you to estimate the level of disengagement in your workforce.

Go calculate the level of disengagement here or click on the picture below.

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